How to Meet Filipinas Online – Tips and Tricks to Meet Great Girls

A buddy of mine was having a lot of trouble with girls here in America. Even though he had a full-time job as a nurse many girls weren’t all that interested in him because he was Asian. What’s worse is the girls that he did date were just using him or cheated on him. It was really difficult for him to find a girl that shared his Christian values and loved the Lord as much as he did.

After his 3rd breakup in 6 months, we (his parents and I) suggested he look to the Philippines for a wife. He wasn’t so sure but being a Filipino himself he decided to go for it. He signed up on Christian Filipina and just looked around. He met a nice young lady and after 4 months of chatting, he decided to meet her in person. They met and really hit it off! She was in shape, conservative, and was serious about her faith. He went there again and this time stayed with her for 3 months. Finally last month they got married. Seriously I’ve never seen him happier!

How to Meet Filipinas Online Tips & Tricks

Maybe you’re in the same situation as my buddy. Many guys are feeling lonely and frustrated. If you just haven’t been having luck with females back home then maybe it’s time to do something different.  Many men want a woman with traditional values, a woman who loves to smile instead of complaining. Here are some tips and tricks to meet women from The Philippines and start a new life.

Be Careful Where You Meet Them – Don’t be Cheap

Many younger guys who grew up with online dating apps like Tinder and Bumble will be reluctant to pay for a dating site. They’ll try Facebook or DateinAsia to meet girls in The Philippines. Those are the guys that scammed. You see, Filipinas are not like the girls back home who don’t mind plastering photos of themselves in anything but their underwear on Facebook for the world to see. You won’t see Filipinas bragging about the number of guys they’ve slept with either trying to act like men. The Filipinas that do that kind of stuff are the ones who just want something from you. A decent Filipina would never join some Facebook foreign dating group and risk being seen by her friends and humiliated.

If you try a free site like Facebook or DateinAsia you’ll get:

  • Women with multiple kids from multiple men
  • Ugly girls
  • Women with minimal educations
  • Straight up hookers

If you’re looking for marriage then Christian Filipina is where I’d start. They have the most vetting of any Filipina dating site I’ve ever seen. They even have a personalized matching service where someone will call you and help you find the right woman to be your wife. If you’re not sure yet and just want to get your feet wet then go with Filipina Cupid. That’s the world’s largest Filipina dating site with over 3.5 million members. They do some checking but you’ll still be largely on your own. The plus side is they’re cheaper than Christian Filipina.

Don’t Send Money Right Away

One of the biggest advantages to dating Filipinas online is it’s a lot cheaper than dating back home. Just one date can easily cost $100 here in California. Even if you find the right one and sent her $100 a month that’s a pittance to what you’d be spending on a girl back home. That being said I strongly advise against sending dough right off that back. Personally, I wouldn’t send any at all until after you’ve met in person. Want to know how much I sent my girl when we were dating? $70usd and we dated for a year and a half before we got married. That’s the cost of one freakin date here in Cali!  Read my article on signs a she’s a scammer and signs that she’s not.

Trick: Instead of money send her a small gift, like a teddy bear (this will make her think she’s got you), and see if she starts asking for money shortly thereafter. If she does she’s probably a golddigger.

Tip: Be Legit

It’s really not cool to lead people on. If you’re just looking for friends and something casual online and you want to visit her once a twice a year there’s no problem with that. You can find plenty of girls who are down but don’t lie and promise a green card if you have no intention of giving one. You don’t need to lie to get laid in The Philippines. If you are looking for a wife be upfront and honest about that too. Believe me, it’s too your benefit. If you tell a girl you’re looking for marriage it’ll drive a lot of scammers away. That’s because most scammers don’t actually want to meet the guy in person and have to be intimate with him. You’re far more likely to get a legit girl if you’re straightforward.

Trick: If you’re not sure about a girl, you’ve been talking to for a while make a surprise visit. If she’s anything other than delighted to see you, she’s probably a scammer.

Check Your Expectations

One of the biggest benefits to dating Filipinas is you get to be with a girl that would be way out of your league back home-but there’s still a limit. If you can’t see your dick in the shower (because of your belly) then a 20-year-old c-cup with a flat tummy might be really expensive to date. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a nice 30-year-old who still looks great. Once you start your search you’ll see what your new and improved Filipina league is. Trust me, no matter what it is it’ll definitely be better than what you had back home!

She’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Dating Filipinas online is about balance. You don’t want to be so paranoid that you become to obnoxious SOB who’s always accusing his girl of scamming (that’s a great way to lose a good girl). But you also don’t want to be some fool who loses his shirt to a pretty face. Give her a chance and get to know her. If she starts complaining about her finances from jump then fine drop her. But if she hasn’t asked for money directly don’t assume every joke is an insinuation for cash. Plus, if you follow my advice of not sending money until you’ve met in person, most of the scammers will get tired and go away within 1-3 months anyway.

Should you give Filipina dating a try? Take this quiz to find out!

Can you handle not being able to see your partner in person for long spans of time (3 mo +)

1 out of 6

Sending money is the best way to show the person that I am serious

2 out of 6

It's perfectly fine to fall in love with someone you met online a few days ago. What could go wrong, right?!

3 out of 6

I believe that at least some of the girls on those international dating sites are looking for love.

4 out of 6

Do you have a passport?

5 out of 6

Someone mentioning God or some other religious diety is a good indication of strong moral values

6 out of 6

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