Here’s What It’s Like Dating a Filipina

What is it like dating a Filipina? Let’s start off by saying there is no one type of Filipina. Asking what it’s like dating a Filipina is like asking what it’s like to have a Golden Retriever. Every dog will be different and there is no one size fits all experience. However, if you are seeking a Filipina online there are some key differences to dating a Filipina than what you may have experienced dating a woman back home.

What It’s Like Dating a Filipina

Here are some things you may experience when dating a Filipina. She may fall in love quickly, there will be a large income gap, Filipinas are very affectionate, they’re not demanding, you’ll be sending her and/or her family money, and another key factor. 

Filipinas Fall in Love Fast

There’s no doubt about it. When you meet a Filipina online chances are good she’ll attach herself to you really quickly. Many guys misinterpret this to automatically assume she’s a scammer but this is not true. She knows there’s a ton of competition out there and she will try to stake her claim as soon as possible. Now there are cases where this is a sign of a scammer which I talk about in my article here.

Signs a Filipina Likes You

If you are concerned if a Filipina you like actually likes you or not there are some signs you can look for. Namely, ask yourself if she does something that a normal person in love would do? People who are in love call often, have physical desire for you, and simply want the best for you. If you want more signs a Filipina actually likes you and signs that she doesn’t you can read my article where I go over all of that.

Expect to Send Money

If you are dating someone in The Philippines that means you are dating someone from a developing nation with an average income of US$300 per month. Even if you are barely making it on social security you are still rich compared to her. If you love someone then you shouldn’t mind helping her out within reason and not too soon. I don’t know any guy that married a Filipina who didn’t send money at some point. Think of it this way, just one date back home can easily cost you between $50-$100 depending upon where you live therefore sending a Filipina 50-100 bucks a month is a bargain.

Filipinas are Very Affectionate

Filipinas tend to show their love in a way that you’re not used to. If you are dating a Filipina, expect that you would get exemplary service – that’s for sure! They truly enjoy taking care of their partners. It is normal for them to wake up earlier than you to prepare your breakfast, your clothes for the day, your gadgets and all that jazz.

They want you to feel loved at all times. They want you to feel like a king when you are with us. Just a tip – Don’t get annoyed if they send random messages every hour of the day just to check if you are doing well. It’s just that they can’t help but be sweet.

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They’re Not Demanding

If you’ve dated a lot of women back home then you know many of them have high expectations. They expect to be treated like princesses who demand ‘equality’ when it comes to household chores but still expect you to pay most of the bills.

In The Philippines, it’s the exact opposite. They will be competing for you! You don’t need to woo a Filipina with expensive gifts. The most important thing a Filipina wants to see is that you’re serious with her. Once you have proven you’re serious she’ll treat you with such love and respect you’ll feel overwhelmed.

A Provincial vs a City Girl

Many guys will say that you go to the province to get a good girl. I have not found that to be the case. A bad woman will be bad whether she’s in the city or in the sticks.  In fact, dating a girl out in the boonies can introduce a whole host of problems from lack of English ability to extreme poverty where you could end up supporting her entire family.

A Key Factor

One big factor that will determine how your experience dating Filipinas will be is where you meet her. The best place is to meet her in person but most of us don’t have that luxury. It’s not bad to meet a girl online but where you go online matters. Whenever I hear guys crying that they got scammed I always ask them where they met the girl. They’ll usually tell me some free site like a Facebook dating group or DateinAsia. Guys listen, those free sites are not where you’re going to get caviar. If you want to get a good woman that you’d be proud to take home to your family then you need to go on a good dating site. I have a comprehensive list of the best Filipina dating sites you can look at to see where to find a good take-home-to-mom Filipina.


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