Here’s Why a Filipina Falling in Love Fast DOESN’T Mean She’s a Scammer

A common question I get is why do Filipinas fall in love fast. A lot of times guys get turned off and sometimes guys even think it’s a scam. However, I want to give you the true reasons why Filipinas fall in love quickly and it’s not necessary what you may be thinking.

Why Filipinas Fall in Love Fast

There are several reasons why a Filipina may fall in love fast:

  • She has been looking for a long time
  • She’s embarrassed because she’s still not married
  • It could be a scam
  • Her biological clock is ticking
  • She wants a better life

She’s Been Looking for a Long Time

The average age for a Filipino is just 22 years old. That’s why once they pass 28 they’re already considered past their prime. Philippine culture expects a woman to be married with children by age 30. An unmarried Filipina will experience a lot of social pressure to get married. Add to that the fact that many Filipino men are very picky and want 21-year-old virgins a lot of Filipinas past 26 are left out in the cold. A single mother over 30 might as well be in Antartica. Sad but true. That’s why when a foreigner who isn’t as selective as native Filipinos shows interest she will want to latch onto him right away. THAT’S GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

As I alluded to above she probably embarrassed because she’s not married. Most Filipinas dream of being married and having a family. If she still hasn’t found a guy that will stick around they may cause her to be less discerning than she should be which is why she falls in love quickly.

How Fast is Too Fast?

It’s normal for a Filipina to fall in love quickly but there is such a thing is too fast. If she’s proclaiming love in the first or second chat and then complaining about her finances that’s not a good sign. RUN AWAY! That is an indication that she’s either so desperate that she’ll accept anyone or that she’s trying to get your money, neither reason is good. I would stay away from any girl who declared love in less than two weeks. With a decent girl, you should start feeling the love vibes after a week or so but she should have enough self-control not to say it until after at least 3-4 weeks.

Her Clock is Ticking

Most Filipinas you will meet online already have children but if you get lucky you can get one that doesn’t have any. If that’s the case she’s still thinking about her schedule. Remember, most girls want children so she needs a man to do it. If she’s past 25 and still doesn’t have kids trust me she’s thinking about her schedule.

She Wants a Better Life

Let’s not be naive here, no matter how much they deny it the prospect of getting out of poverty is a factor in these girls’ decision to date foreigners, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Every Filipina has a friend or knows someone who knows someone who married a foreigner and went from rags to riches. You should despair over this fact. That’s why you have so many beautiful women to choose from!  If you’re unsure whether or not your Filipina actually likes you or not I have an article on signs she really likes you and signs that she doesn’t.

How to React When She Falls in Love Fast

This is why it’s so important to know what you want when you sign up for these dating sites. If you are feeling this girl then just go with it, unless she’s also complaining about her financial woes.  I’ve seen marriages where the couple only dated for 8 weeks and they’re still together 15 years later. There is no specific timeline for knowing someone. If you’re still wanting to check out other options just emphasize to her that you’re just looking for a friend right now and that you’re not ready for a relationship. This will prevent a lot of hurt feelings on both of your parts.


  1. Windy

    hi ed,
    i stumbled on your blog and read all your posts about filipinas. i wish i had stumbled six years ago.
    your points are spot on for both sides of the coin. i was married to a young filipina and we had our baby girl the following year.
    six years later, i was duped and cheated of a large sum of cash that i kept at home. she lied and lied. and of course the loss was connected to her family.
    worse yet, in a narcissist manner, she walked out with our daughter, found refuge with her sister and stonewalls me to this very day.
    regrets and broken heart aside, i take it as a blessing in disguise. good thing it happened or i would have ended financially broke if i continued with the marriage.

    1. Post
      Ed Chen

      I’m so sorry this happened to you. Just please don’t attribute this to all Filipinas. There are bad eggs in every bunch. The most important thing is that you’ve learned something from this and are able to move on.

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