Can You Find a Filipina on Facebook?

It’s no secret that most guys who date Filipinas meet their partners online, with Facebook becoming one of the main meeting spots these days. Especially if the person they are talking to is overseas in a developing nation.

Can You Find a Good Filipina on Facebook?

Honestly speaking I think Facebook is not a great way to meet girls, especially not overseas. I know guys who have been scammed out of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from girls they met on Facebook. That’s just because anytime you have a low barrier to entry (and Facebook has the lowest) you tend to attract people who are desperate, not serious, or just not quality people since they have no skin in the game. 

10 Facebook Profile Red Flags

However, if you insist on using Facebook to find a wife I’ve come up with this list of 10 red flags you should watch out for to avoid being scammed.

#1 Not Using Her Real Name

It’s actually a violation of Facebook terms of service not to use your real name on your profile but that doesn’t stop thousands of people from using aliases every day, especially if they have something to hide.

2. Too Many Hot Pics

It’s normal to have a picture in your swimsuit if you’re at the beach with friends but if every other photo of her is scantily clad or even lower that could be a sign that she’s an attention seeker who is looking for someone to give her something. Be wary of a girl that posts revealing photos.

3. Uses Professional Photos

I’m also wary of profiles that have lots of professional self photos. Even my friends who are professional photographers still have cell phone photos of themselves and their friends on their profiles. What I’m getting at is you want a girl with normal photos of herself with her friends and family on her profile. If her profile just looks like it’s trying to get attention it could be because she has something to gain.

4. Photos in Clubs and Bars

It should be obvious if she has a lot of herself in a club or a bar that means she likes to go to clubs and bars. That’s the last type of girl you should want if you’re looking for wife material.

5. Her Friends List is Hidden

What is she hiding? Social media is all about sharing and meeting people. Why does someone need to hide their friends list unless they don’t want people to see who their friends are? Often scammers will hide their friends list because they don’t want people to see that they have a large number of foreign friends, but you can get around that. Just look at her timeline and specifically look for a selfie that she’s uploaded and click on the reactions. If you see a whole bunch of foreigners reacting to her photos that is a red flag.

6. Her Profile is New

Very few people in this world have just heard of Facebook. A new profile could indicate that she’s trying to hide her ‘true’ profile which has friends and family or possibly her real boyfriend. Most people have at least 200 Facebook friends. Any less than that could indicate that that’s not the profile she uses on a regular basis. Also, if she only has 1 or 2 profile photos that could indicate that her profile is new.

7. She Deletes Your Comments

Try writing a comment on her timeline. I’m not saying make an embarrassing comment. You can say something nonchalant like ‘hey it was great talking to you last night’ and see if the comment is still there 3 days later. If she’s deleting your comments on her timeline it could be because she doesn’t want other people to see that she’s in contact with you. Why wouldn’t she want people to know who you are though?

8. There’s One Guy That Seems to Keep Popping Up

Look through her pictures. If there always seems to be a male who’s around her age that comes up over and over that could be her real boyfriend. If you ask her she’ll most likely claim it’s her brother or her cousin but still, you can tell when a girl seems to be really close with a guy.

9. There’s One Girl That Seems to Keep Popping Up

Yes, a lot of lesbians are in this game too. They’ll flirt with foreign men with no intention of ever being with them. Often fem lesbians are supporting their families by scamming foreign men. It’s a little trickier because she’ll be able to say that the girl is just her friend. That’s why you need to look closely. If the same girl keeps popping up over and over that could be a red flag.

10. She’s in a Filipina Foreigner Dating Group

I’m sorry but most of those girls in those foreigners for Filipina dating groups are not the type of girls most of us want to marry. You’re gonna get a lot of single moms, scammers, or otherwise less than desireable women in those groups. If you want to get a quality girl then you need to go to a quality dating site or meet her in person in The Philippines.

There are plenty more ways to detect if a girl is not serious but the most important thing is if your gut is telling you something’s wrong. If you just don’t feel good about a particular girl you’re talking to then there’s no reason not to just move on. Like I said in the beginning if you’re looking for wife material I really don’t recommend sites like Facebook or DateinAsia. Go to a high-quality website like Christian Filipina or Filipino Cupid and find a good girl that you can take home to mom. You can check out my list of best Filipina Dating sites.


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