An Honest AsianBeautyOnline Review (No Affiliate Link)

Upon checking my affiliate networks I saw an offer for an Asian dating site. I decided to check it out to see if it was something worth recommending to you guys.

My Honest AsianBeautyOnline Review

Upon registering an account I must say I was not impressed. First, you get hit with a bunch of annoying pop-ups talking about 2 free vouchers. On top of that, the women just didn’t look real. The photos appeared to be stock photos of models.  They also don’t pay attention to detail. When searching for women they misspelled the name The Philippines, instead just writing Philippine.  This doesn’t do much to build my confidence in the site. Just another site full of fake photos of scantily clad female models designed to extract the money of hard working people looking for female companionship.

To be honest I really just wanted to click away right then and there but I decided to press on just so I could write a more thorough review. I decided to click on the first profile that I was matched with. It was from a woman claiming to be from a ‘medical family’ from Cebu Philippines.  Nothing in this profile seemed real.  At this point, I’d had enough and I closed the window.

The bottom line is I cannot recommend this site. In my opinion, it seemed unreal. If you are serious about meeting women in The Philippines or elsewhere in Asia check out my list of Filipino Dating Sites.

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